Copenhagen Couple Shoot

An almost royal visit

I was going to Copenhagen for a brief family visit and was lucky enough to get in touch with Eva and Simon to visit their beautiful Scandinavian interior filled apartment. As I love the city of Copenhagen I took a long stroll through the different neighborhoods of the city before getting closer to their address. As I came closer the streets close to the touristic hotspot of Nyhavn became quieter and more residential. Google told me that I am quite close as I was passing a gigantic palace-style building, wondering who might be residing inside. I came to know later that it was the royal palace.

A lot of Hygge

The apartment located right next to the water invited me with a welcoming smell of freshly brewed coffee and those common wooden floors I instantly fell in love with. After getting lost in our conversation, we had a great time shooting the connection between those two cycling enthusiasts and the ephemera filled four walls.