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we are a photography couple, based in Vienna. We've been a couple for 10 years, have traveled to over 25 different countries together, spent our honeymoon in a camper van along the southern Australian coast and we obviously shoot weddings together.

We bring our unique backgrounds into capturing and understanding people and their affection to each other.

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We know that weddings can be stressful and overwhelming - similar to life in general. But this is the one day in a lifetime, where you should completely be taken care of and that’s basically our job to do. Don't worry about being awkward in front of the camera, we all are. We are there to guide you through, and also we’ll help you to feel comfortable the way you are.

Our approach is to document a wedding as a mix of reportage, raw emotions and artistic portraits. We combine both digital and film photography to give you a unique experience and images you’d want to share with your grandchildren.

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